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Red Post Box Christmas Gift Bag – Medium x 1pc

Product Details

  • Product Code GOLOXW1P2

Red Post Box Christmas Gift Bag – Medium x 1pc

This bag is perfect to add the finishing touches to any present you’re sending out this Christmas.  Christmas is all about presents, and unfortunately sometimes our close ones aren’t as close.  But that’s okay we’ve got the trusty mail to get our presents to where we need to!!

  • Gold Foil Detailing
  • Classic Red Post Box and Stamp Print
  • Red Satin Handle
  • Matching Red Robin Gift Tag
  • Size: 21.5cm x 25.3cm + 10.2cm

Also available in Extra Large and Large

Please note that all sizes are approximate | Colours are for illustrative purposes only therefore if you require an exact colour please ask for a sample

Depending on items, samples may be charged for