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A Magical Silver Square Christmas Gift Box – Medium

Product Details

  • Product Code A MNTPGT70

A Magical Silver Square Christmas Gift Box – Medium

This gift box is perfect to save you time this Christmas!!.. Rather than trying to wrap your presents perfectly in paper, our gift boxes will save you time whilst making your presents look gorgeous!! This gift box, is perfect not just for wrapping presents, but also to use afterwards.. It's something you won't want to throw away!!

  • Silver Metallic Lid
  • Glitter Bow Detail
  • Presents and Santas Sleigh Print
  • Silver Foil Detail
  • Size: 8cm x 8cm x 6cm

Available to buy in 1 other size and as a full set!

Please note that all sizes are approximate | Colours are for illustrative purposes only therefore if you require an exact colour please ask for a sample

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